Landscaping of vacant lots

It has been 2 years since control of the Association was transferred from the Developer to the Homeowners and during that period we have taken many steps to enhance the overall appearance of Sandyport. We have now reached the stage that we should invoke the obligations of clause 29 of the Restrictive Covenants that states:

“… No lot shall be left without being landscaped for in excess of one (1) year from the date hereof unless a building has been commenced.”

We will be circulating individual notices of our intent to landscape the affected properties at the owners expense, in accordance with clause 27 of the Restrictive Covenants, if building has not commenced by September 30, 2012. The estimated cost for basic landscaping if carried out by the Association is $1.50 per square foot of each entire lot. Where necessary, all applicable charges will be made to the owner’s account on October 1, 2012 for payment within 15 days. No further notices will be issued on the matter.


16 thoughts on “Landscaping of vacant lots”

  1. Fantastic! This will help to improve the look and value of Sandyport. There are far too many dump sites in the community.

    Please start with Roberts Island. It’s a diaster.

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  3. As a vacant lot owner in beautiful Sandyport, I must say I totally disagree with the boards decision regarding this matter. I think that by imposing such a fee, the board could be compromising the very outcome it wants to achieve. It seems to me that this fee could lead to many more delinquent accounts. The result of this could lead to a community wide “special” assessment. During these diffucult financial times, I urge the board to reconsider its’ decision. In reading Mr. Atashinan’s posts, it is evident that his name will now appear on the “ever growing” delinquent list. Who will be next? Once the “well-intended” board executes such a radical decison there will be no turning back. These type of decisions tend to have a “snowball” effect. Therefore, I respectfully urge the board to reconsider. Tom Myers

  4. Personally, I find the vacant lots more appealing to look at than the half finished buildings or the shotty landscaping of some houses. Just because a yard has landscaping doesn’t mean it looks good. Plus, those buildings at Robert’s Isle are far uglier to look at than a vacant lot. I’d take emptiness over those any day of the week. Rents aren’t “what they used to be” because of the landscaping – it’s because of the economy and thinking otherwise is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure no one looks at a house to rent and says “Well, I don’t know – there’s nothing built on the other side of the canal… ” Instead, most people think “Great – no one is across from me and I have privacy.” Landscaping without a building is ridiculous and a waste of money. Why waste the landscapers time with stuff like this when it should be spent up-keeping the rest of Sandyport.

    It sounds like this is one of those things where the wealthy people of Sandyport are complaining that they have to look at a vacant lot and have the pull to make this an issue. People with too much time on their hands or feeling that if they have to, everyone else has to as well. Great improvements have been made in Sandyport but I’d be more worried about the delinquent accounts than I would be about a lot being empty. Plus, what about the lots that have not yet sold? If I’m not mistaken there are some of those, so they’ll still be an “eyesore” for people, won’t they? What difference does it really make then if not all lots will have landscaping?

    Regardless of the purchasing agreement, this is such a ridiculous non-issue for most people. I have to side with Mr. Atashian on this one.

  5. Mr. Jeremy Elms,
    Please refer to the posted Delinquent Account List. There are two names on this list that I do not see. The first being Mr. Jeremy Elms, the second being John Atashian. This list that is posted by our Board of Directors ( I suspect, sorry if I am incorrect) has 44 names or entities on it totaling over $250,000.00 in identified delinquent dollars. I don’t know the stories behind these accounts but I am sure there are some. I can only assume that you are very interested and actively participating in coming to some form of financial solution / resolution with these accounts that would be in everyones best interests. Not to exclude the individuals or entities that are currently delinquent that would prefer and are working towards becoming current. I would assume there is some ongoing communication with these accounts and you are an integral part of it. I have come to enjoy your “black and white” posts in this colorful world we live in however there will be no further reason for me to post any further comments, as you have described,”self serving posts”. I must note, this was not a racial comment in the analogy I used. Please humor me as I use your word choice, “Hooray”. Best Regards, John Atashian, RPC17A

  6. Mr Atashian,
    Excessive use of respectfully/humbly/regretfully does not hide the fact that you do not appear to have the respect for your neighbours as you claim.
    It isn,t just your unwillingness to comply with what you undertook to do, its the fact that you feel you can justify that by coming onto this message board with such self serving posts and expect sympathy which grates with me and I expect many others !
    All the while denigrating those who can pay, ( forgetting that a lot can,t but honour their obligations
    I notice that you added another post on the 19th stating (erroneously I believe) that legal counsel says you don,t have to do it anyway.
    Hooray ! thats ok then

  7. Oh, did I forget to mention; It was determined there was no legal ground to be able to enforce the notion of “must have commenced construction with in five years”. Legal counsel could explain why, I could not begin to. John Atashian RPC17A

  8. Mr Jeremy Elms, I do appreciate your comments and would like to respectfully provide you an answer to your questions. If I remember correctly, the original conveyance stated we needed to start construction of a home before the five year period of ownership was attained by a person purchasing a vacant lot. I would not be so arrogant as to think we were the only people affected by the world wide econimic conditions we all face. I apologize if you took that away from what I had posted. I would respectfully question the validity of the statement in regards to the people who have built houses and have decreased rental income from their investments based on the condition of my lot. Seems the global economy would have more to do with that. With the construction moving along on Cable Beach, it appears everyone has made a good investment even if it does not show in rental income right now. I suppose it could be viewed as true, we have not built our home with in the five years of purchase. We regretfully have not been able to meet that obligation. I do agree with you on that point. I must admit, I was honored to have my first posting anywhere be described as extraordinary. Thank you for the compliment. You will be pleased to hear that my family has cut our expenses in dramatic fashion, especially over the past five years as our ability to maintain our income level has been effected in dramatic fashion. And yes, we are not alone, many have had to do the same. You will be especially pleased that we now and have been the past few years staying in contact with our friends in the Bahamas by methods such as texting, Skype and an occasional phone call. We had visited last year for the first time in three years. We found a deal during hurricane season and saved a bunch of money. Skype is still free to use, texting is part of my cell plan, I even have an iternational option to cut that price in half. Rest assured, as is everyone else we have cut expenses. I must say, I really do appreciate your concern. It is hard to get good finacial advise these days. I hope this post helps clear up some of your thoughts. There was nothing about my original post that was meant to be arrogant or make you feel uncomfortable or create anything negative about my plight. I used words such as humbly, respectfully as to not offend anyone. It appears I failed with you and for that I sincerely apologize. Maybe when times are better we will be able to meet, share a laugh and a drink or two. My wife is a wonderful cook, when times were better we had the ability to share this with friends. Times will be better for all of us once again, we just need to have the time and resources to be able to wait it out. Thanks again, sincerely John Atashian. RPC17A

  9. @John Atashian

    When you bought your piece of paradise you undertook to grass the lot within a certain time if you did not build ? Unless your conveyance was different to mine.
    Do you think you are the only people to have been affected by the downturn?
    What about those people who have built houses and whose rents have been affected by those people who have failed to honour their obligations like yourselves.
    An extraordinary post,,, so take a tip ..cut your personal spending to the tune of $125 a month or one of your trips to meet your friends in Nassau and honour what what you said you would

  10. March 16, 2012 Appears a decision has been made by the Board of Directors that will raise ownership costs for lot owners. My wife and I own a lot with the bank. We have a mortgage to pay every month with the Bank of the Bahamas. We also keep our vacant lot due’s paid. We are not on the delinquent list. I will use a term that I have recently heard in our country, the United States but others also. We had a dream and signed on for a lot for our family to enjoy. We do not fit into the 1 percent category, we fall into the hardworking so called 99 percent demographic. We live in Florida and are still devastated by the economic collapse in an area that relies heavily on seasonal traffic. This wonderful idea of landscaping will put an end to our dream. Without the economic collapse, we would have already been well into the construction of our second home in SandyPort. We almost started construction with an un-named builder that has an office in the developement. Thank goodness we recognized early indicators and held off. I live in Naples Florida, my wife and I have dedicated ourselves to holding onto and staying current with our financial liabilities. This additional expense will put us over the top. As one has already noted, with this landscaping will come additional charges for proper up-keep, etc. We have had our lot for approx. six and one half years, an additional 10 to 12 thousand dollars plus the additional maint. costs to keep it in an appropriate looking condition will not work for us financially. In reality, I am not quite sure what is currently done on vacant lot owners property that would be part of the $125.00 per month we pay? I do not be-grudge anyone for wanting to improve the appearance of our community nor do I have any problem with residents that seem to have an endless supply of resources,(money). We would be great neighbors one day if given the opportunity. My wife and I have made many friends in Nassau, some in Sandyport. We are just a really hard working family hoping to hold onto our little piece of paradise. There are real life consequences to all actions and decisions. I have humbly just stated ours. Respectfully submitted, John A and Patricia A Atashian, RPC17A

  11. Hmmm. Sandyport HOA will landscape someone’s private property at the owner’s expense? How does this make sense? If someone buys a lot they have to put palms and grass and trees without any set plan for a house yet? And who will profit from the $1.50 sq. ft. landscape rate? Who will supervise it to make sure it is well done and not like the rest of the shabby landscape work in Sandyport? Who will approve it’s design? Who will maintain it? the existing maintenance is ruining the current landscape at my residence what will happen if they ruin the landscape of an empty lot? Not getting this one at all. I think the HOA should be held responsible for some shabby work beeing done in Sandyport already before they can enforce others to landscape their property. I think the concensus in Sandyport is along the lines of “Why should I invest more money on my property and pay a mandatory fee for it to be maintained when the quality of maintenance is not adequate to sustain a healthy landscape”. Any intelligent person and responsible landscaper will tell the customer that if you plan on investing in landscape, please ensure to maintain that investment with a good landscape maintenance. This is not the present case here, hence why we have some shaby looking properties. The maintenane is the problem. Not the mepty lots with grass on it like they have in Lyford and old fort where we see beautifull properties with quality maintenance services to back them up. My 2 and 5 cents.

  12. Very good idea, Sandyport is going to look much more better in that way. Management is impoving every day. Congratulations for the poolside funiture!

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