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We have enhanced the ‘Report a concern’ ticketing system on our website to provide an integrated solution that allows all support queries to be tracked through a single unified process. Support requests can be created with any of the following methods:

  1. By clicking on the ‘Report a concern’ tab to the right
  2. By accessing the ‘Customer service’ panel from the top menu then by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ option
  3. By emailing with your address and message

The ticketing system has been successful to date and the benefits of using this method to report concerns include:

  1. Being faster since the system is designed to receive, track and progress chase to completion
  2. Creating visibility to what concerns are in progress and what stage they are at
  3. Not waiting for voice messages to be passed to the right department

However, we recognize that it is not always practical to report concerns electronically so our staff will open a support ticket if the information is called in and the query cannot be handled immediately.

In the coming weeks, the ‘Customer service’ section will be populated with helpful information so it may be worth checking before opening a new ticket in the event that your query may already be answered. Finally, those tickets created using the previous system will remain accessible until they are solved and closed.


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