5 thoughts on “Delinquent accounts page”

  1. Mona and Lee et al, this is all very well if the list is correct!. I have written to office requesting an explanation. My balance was zero at January 1 and this list shows me in arrears at Feb 1. I also note on Feb 2 I received a water bill of $2,400 for the 1/4?????????….office please let me know what is going on. I appreciate naming and shaming but only if the information is thoroughly checked and correct. even if my account were in arrears, then i have not received any notice from Sandyport to that effect either. Many thanks. Simon Townend.

    1. Good Morning Mr. Townend,
      We deeply apologize for this error and any inconvenience this may have caused. Your account is not delinquent and has been removed from the list. Please contact Accounts regarding any billing concerns you may have. Thank you

  2. That’s shocking. I expected to see a a handful of accounts, not $217,000 spread across that many “free loaders”.

    Please keep this list available and updated. These people should be ashamed.

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