Year ended 2011 message from the Board of Directors

Happy New Year to all Owners & Residents

One year ago, the Board committed to rejuvenating, beautifying and further securing our community. The year was busy and productive for the Homeowners Association as we worked to satisfy those commitments.

The Board wishes to thank Simon Cooper and his team for their outstanding efforts in managing to complete all work on time and within budget.

It should be noted that all upgrades and repairs have been done without debt, increase in fees, or special assessments.

In the last year we have:

  • Upgraded CCTV coverage of the community.
  • Improved entry systems at both entrances.
  • Upgraded the fleet of golf carts for security and maintenance departments.
  • Upgraded the guard house, enhanced the parking spots and landscaping near Tambearly School entrance.
  • Provided certified training for all security officers and issued standard uniforms.
  • Installed an electronic guard tour system to monitor frequency and depth of active patrols.
  • Implemented a first response system for fire emergencies with the support of the Nassau Fire Department: Staff perform routine drills using our own fire pump so they are able to effectively deal with fire emergencies until the Fire Department arrives.
  • Implemented a painting schedule for all homes to be painted by 2013, and the schedule is on target.
  • Renovated all carports on common areas.
  • Resurfaced and painted the walls adjacent to Super Value.
  • Upgraded the garbage collection service
  • Upgraded maintenance compound with storage, offices and nursery facilities.
  • Performed numerous long overdue upgrades to the wastewater management system mitigating many bio-hazardous risks.
  • Vacated the offices formerly provided by the Developer and moved into upgraded facilities.
  • Renewed the front entrance and parking area.
  • Refurbished irrigation systems for all landscaping.
  • Rebuilt and landscaped docks at Sand Dollar Island.
  • Renewed curbs and landscaping in all circles.
  • Upgraded the signage across the estate for a consistent theme.
  • Generally enhanced drivability and aesthetics of the community.
  • Replaced playground equipment and upgraded existing facilities.
  • Upgraded the viewing stations and boardwalk at the fishing pond area near Coral  Beach.
  • Renovated the gazebo and deck at the pool located by Coral Beach.
  • Started the upgrade to fencing.
  • Carried out the clean up and repairs following Hurricane Irene in August.

We are pleased to have been able to deliver on last year’s commitments and we plan to continue making improvements to our community through 2012.

On behalf of the Board of Directors.

Karen Dagenais

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