Staff gratuities

We would like to advise that should any residents wish to offer gratuities for the personnel that help to keep Sandyport a safe and pleasant place to live, payments are being collected by Marie Souder who, in previous years, has acted as Trustee for the Sandyport Staff Gratuity Fund. We are sure that the staff will be very appreciative of the recognition of their efforts and although there is no upper or lower limit on the donation, a guide value of $50 per resident has been suggested.

The Association will provide Marie with a personnel list and she will distribute the funds on December 23rd. We would ask that no gratuity funds/cheques be paid to the Association in order to avoid any confusion. Payments can be made payable to Marie Souder ON OR PRIOR to Wednesday, December 21st and left at the Sandyport Homeowners office for her collection or at the Sandyport Security Gate Main Entrance.


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