New vehicle ID system

To further enhance our security we are introducing a new vehicle ID system to facilitate the recognition of vehicles that enter without using the automatic entry system. We require all residents to have their ID tag installed at the main security office located at the main entrance before October 31, 2011. We require the name, address and license number for each vehicle registered to a Sandyport resident to be recorded and the ID tag to be installed in the upper left hand corner of the windscreen. The ID tags renew annually with the initial set expiring December 2012. From November 1, 2011 all vehicles without an ID tag will be deemed non-resident and not granted entry until the resident provides authorization or the ID tag is installed.

Whilst those residents with automatic entry decals already installed will not require the ID tag to enter the property, we are encouraging all residents to register their vehicles. Effective November 1, 2011 the automatic entry lane at the main entrance will no longer be opened manually and therefore residents that wish to use this facility should arrange for the decal to be installed.

We appreciate your support in making the community of Sandyport safer.

One thought on “New vehicle ID system”

  1. What is the point of the sticker if the security guards don’t look at it? Some guards know who lives here and who doesn’t but others seem clueless, even after seeing the same car every day and don’t bother looking at the top left corner of the windshield. Seems like a money waster if we get stopped and asked who we are and where we live.

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