Trimming postponed for hurricane Irene

Due to the hurricane that is traveling toward our area, we have postponed all regular trimming work until after the storm has passed. We will be prioritizing the trimming of coconuts and palms to prevent hurricane damage.

7 thoughts on “Trimming postponed for hurricane Irene”

  1. Well it’s now the 8th and my clippings have not been cleared away and the rubbish people will not take any trash bags. I stinks and looks a mess.

    C’mon Sandyport

  2. I know how extremely busy and in demand the garbage removal truck must be, but just wanted to add my name to the long list of residents who require landscape material like tree branches, etc. to be removed from the property at 21 Clipper Island as a result of the high winds of hurricane Irene. Many thanks for keeping Sandyport so beautiful.

  3. happy lane # 5
    needs coconut tree to be trim have already trim all except one
    also need coconuts to be pick up

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