Canal entrance open hours

For enhanced security, the Board has amended the hours that the canal entrance shall be open. Effective immediately, the barrier will be closed between one hour before sundown and 30 minutes after sunrise.

In the event that access is required during these hours, boaters are required to request permission from the Security department at least 12 hours beforehand.

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  1. Sp said: Security Director has advised that the beach gate at the canal is open by request and that a security officer is stationed at that booth at all time.

    I don’t mean to harp on this, but since SP closed the ticket…I have to add this here. It might be that an officer is supposed to be there at all times, but that was not the case three times recently for me. NO one was there and the gate was opened and the sun was out – as in, it ws daylight. All I wanted was to verify that the gate is to be opened by 7AM….Now the ticket is closed. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  2. In the last two weeks, I attempted to exit SP via the canal entrance -it was about 7:15AM – the gate was closed. This happend on three different occasions. I do beleive that sunrise occurred more than 30 mintues prior.

  3. Getting permission is one thing, but when permission is requested and the response is “NO” it’s not really fair to residents to have the canal close BEFORE sunset. “Permission” in this case seems to be granted to people based on which security guard is there and if they feel like opening the gate. That’s a lot different than requesting them to open it and having it done. That’s great that Simon was accommodated, but what about the rest of us who have asked and been denied? I agree with Anon #2 here that security is important, but if they’re going to impose these new rules they should be willing to open the gate when it’s needed. And dawn ’til dusk is AFTER sunset, not BEFORE. That policy makes more sense than closing it before hand. The hours really should be about 30 mins before sunrise until shortly after sunset – anything after that, sure close the gate and make people request entrance. But if the sun is still up, telling someone “No, we can’t open the canal for you” isn’t right.

  4. The problem I heard, is that a new automated gate which does not require two guards and a golf cart and won;t rot out in six months is about $80k landed and installed. So Gary, start saving your pennies. And Simon, are you proposing leaving the entrances unmanned while the guards comes down to the water to open the canal or you? I don’t want that and I don’t think most residents would want that either.

    I heard recently, that there was a water chase by the RBDF which started in the harbour and ended when the person could not get into Sandyport because the canal was closed. I’m sure the rational of this boat operator who was avoidiing the police was that if they could get into Sandyport, they could disappear in the canal system in the dark.

    Old Fort Bay has a dusk to dawn policy on their canal entrance gate and you even have to request on the VHF to get “permission” to enter and exit – anytime. Transient vessels have to get “permission” to enter and exit the main Nassau Harbour from Nassau Harbour control as well. Asking permission is a nautical courtesy term – get over it.

  5. There are many people who go fishing/boating early in the morning or in the evening especially in the summer. i have always requested that the gate be opened early/or if for some reason had to come in late, and security have always kindly arranged. There are other scenarios for instance where a person might have engine problems and not be able to get back by the time the sun goes down.

    I appreciate the rule is to ensure security for all boaters, but it should at minimum be from sunrise to sunset as it has been in the past, or a fixed time in the winter/summer so it is predictable.

    Finally, why 12 hours? If security are there 24 hours, and someone is late returning for whatever reason, one should be able to call them if the need arises. there is (should be) always security guard at the gate itself, and it is not that complicated to unlock the gate.

    As an aside, i had requested early leaving time a month or so ago, and the security guard kindly arrived as requested on time, but then the key broke in the lock so the lock was finished, and there was no spare keys (at least that could be found). We then noticed that there was a very old rusted lock on the other side of the pillar holding two links of the chain together which broke instantaneously when hit with a rock. you may wish to check for other weak links in the chain!

    I also fully support an investment in a more modern gate arrangement, which is not quite so unsightly and onerous to open and close. Given the very large number of boat owners in Sandyport, i think this would be a worthwhile and timely investment.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  6. This makes no sense whatsoever. WIth these rules, we can’t go out and enjoy the sunset from the water without asking to be out later? That’s hardly fair to residents of Sandyport, especially those who work and would like to head out fishing for an hour or two after they’re done work. Anyone with a job that leaves them getting home at 6:30 won’t be able to use their boat during the week except if they’re going out in June or July. That’s ludicrous. What makes it worse is knowing that we called and asked once if we could come back 1 hour after the closing time and were told “NO” – and this was after speaking with the admin office AND security. We were told that under no circumstances could we get the gate to open for us if we came in after the closing. So by permission, what you really mean is “if security FEELS like opening the gate, you might be able to plan to watch the sunset.” Forget paying for coming and going as you please – how about receiving a service we’re already paying for? I can understand not allowing people to come and go in the middle of the night, as the noise may bother some residents depending on how loud people are coming in – but coming in BEFORE sunset is just not right, especially when “permission” is not granted when one phones to ask for it.

  7. I agree with all the comments so far. Right now the sunset time means that I need to be back by 6:30pm at the latest. One of the reasons I have a boat is to go out in the evenings after work, relax, do a little fishing and enjoy the sunset.

    The gate control people are usually very accommodating if you tell them when you expect to be back. Why do we need another rule?

    How much money are we looking at for an automated gate? As a boat owner, I would be willing to pay my share for the ability to come and go as I please.

  8. Ok, I’m lost here. What is the rationale for closing one hour before sunset and 1/2 hour aftr sunrise. Why can’t it be closed at sunset and re-opened at sunrise?

    I also agree with the comment that “requesting permission” seems to be the wrong message. I believe the Board is doing a great job, but they need to ensure a dictorial manner is not conveyed.

    Finally, what is the criteria for receiving permission if you apply 12 hours in advance. Does everyone get approved?

  9. Let’s hope the weather gives us 12 hours notice too? there is a provision for this I assume? Why do Security need 12 hours notice to walk 1 minute from the main security gate?

    1. The barrier is operated manually, requires two persons, a golf cart and access via the resort. An automatic barrier will simplify the process but is not in the budget for this year.

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