Security updates – May 2011

Warm Greetings to all of our Residents!

Thankfully, April has been another quiet month!

As you may have noticed, some of the speed bumps have been removed. With this in mind, please be mindful of children who may be playing in the area especially on the weekends. As a reminder, the speed limit is 15 mph. We are adding more signs throughout the property in the coming weeks.

Pet Stations have been put in place throughout the property. These stations are to assist pet owners dispose of their pet’s waste. I would encourage all pet owners to use them as they take their pets walking.

We have been having an ongoing problem with pets being a nuisance to other residents, in particular cats. Please as much as possible keep your pets within the confines of your property.

As an additional reminder, the Canal gate opens at 7am and closes 9pm. Please adhere to the time that is stipulated. Only in cases of emergencies, should there be a request for the times to be extended. We are monitoring channel 72 on our ship-to-shore radio.Boats that enter and leaving the Canal at late hours are a disturbance to other Residents.

Finally, please remember to instruct workers to use the Service Gate.

Sarah Barton – Head of Security


3 thoughts on “Security updates – May 2011”

  1. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting up the dog waste bins and to my surprise from returning from vacation I saw they even have bags above! Well done and thank you, as a dog owner myself who cleans up after my dog i was discussed at other dog owners who didn’t!
    And since my return I have not seen a mess since. Thank you Sandyport xx

  2. I agree with Chris’s comments regarding speed bumps, Sandyport is obviously one of the only areas you can safely walk, jog, or ride bikes in the local area. That being said, I believe it’s a small price to pay having speed bumps to ensure vehicles maintain safe speeds. Let’s face it, if you don’t have them people WILL NOT follow posted speed limits nor will they slowdown or move over when they see pedestrains on the street. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hit by a vehicle becuase of blind corners, cars parked in front of traffic safety mirrors, or drivers that are driving through Sandyport at high rates of speed.

  3. Why did you remove some of the speed bumps ? If anything, more are required to slow cars down ?

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