Security updates – January 2011

Happy New Year to all our residents!

Thankfully, there were no incidents to report in the month of December.

We have started the New Year with our visitor badges system fully operational. However, there are a few concerns that I would like to address.


Security is becoming concerned about the amount of complaints we are receiving regarding children who were entering other resident’s property and getting into mischief over the holidays. In one instance, there were children who went on a construction site and were throwing the materials into the canals. In addition, another resident complained that some children were shooting her dog with pellet guns while the dog was locked in her back yard. I would like to encourage parents to make sure that their children are under control.

Protocol reminders:

We are still experiencing resistance from residents when asked by Security to roll down their car windows at night. This protocol is in place to ensure every resident’s safety. We need to be able to see who is in the car and make sure that you are not under any distress. Your co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, the response to our request for a guest list from residents was low. The list will assist Security with the information regarding guests who visit regularly and are not to be held at the gate for clearance. Please ensure that you comply to this request by submitting the list to Security. Otherwise Security will continue with our standard protocol regarding calling for every visitor.

We look forward in 2011 to our continued partnership in ensuring a safe community in Sandyport.

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