Year end message from the Board of Directors

In the last year, who would have thought we could have accomplished so much.

It is with great pride that we speak to the transformation that has taken place in Sandyport. Plans are to continue refining our collective energies and remain focused on the rejuvenation of the neighbourhood.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the inaugural board for their hard work; we have been in good hands. In our effort to build on what they have started, we realize that we have some big shoes to fill.

Since end of October, there have been semi monthly board meetings after which the lengthy to-do list our General Manager, Simon Cooper, receives is executed with enthusiasm and passion. We extend our sincere thanks to him and his team for their efforts.

Stay tuned as 2011 promises to bring many more ideas for beautifying our community and keeping all properties safe.

On behalf of the Board of Directors.

Karen Dagenais

3 thoughts on “Year end message from the Board of Directors”

  1. A few matters:

    1) Can the owner of #3 Clipper Island be contacted. Since the hurricane(s) in 2004/2005? the a window on the second floor and at the front door have boards over them! The back of the house is on the canal side and is an an utter disgrace; needless to say it is an eyesore.
    2) I am a walker/cyclist and, whilst I commend the Mr Andy Cartwright of Sandyport Land Maintenance and his crew for the exceptional job that they do, when one is approaching the gardeners do not turn the blower off or at least turn it away from a person as they approach. One or two of them do, but for the most part the rest do not.
    3) The garages along Sandyport Drive – were these not to come down? They too are an eyesore as they are not maintained by the owners!

    Many thanks for your attention to the above.

    Kathryn L Cartwright
    #16 Clipper Island

  2. I want to say what a wonderful job Management and their Team are doing within Sandyport. Congratulations, Mr. Cooper, for your organization and diligence!

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