New Board

The new Board of Directors elected by the shareholders at yesterday’s AGM is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Kenneth Cartwright
  • Edward Chemaly
  • Karen Dagenais
  • Mark Holcombe
  • Craig Lines
  • Jane McLeod
  • Tony Miaoulis

When the Board meets, they will determine who shall be Chairman and Secretary.

2 thoughts on “New Board”

  1. To the new borad directors and homeowners:

    I note (Nov 17 2010) that our Sandyport management fees are going up as much as $200 a month.

    I have a few comments on this.

    Should not the “freeloaders” who have avoided paying fees to Sandyport be included now?

    We’ve been here over ten years and H. Buckner raised our fees one time – several years ago.

    It seems to me that with 30% + more new homeowners here in Sandyport today, that our fees should be going down – not up.

    Just so you know, Port New Providence homeowners with a canal lot (3/4 acre) pay approx $1,000 every three months – compared to our fees – almost $900 every month (water not included).

    I think the management and new directors should make a stand against further “hikers” in our maintenance fees..

    I don’t think more money from us is the solution/answer

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