Security update – September 2010

Greetings to All Residents:

September was another quiet month in Sandyport. As the year comes to a close, the Security Department pledges to continue being vigilant and aggressive in our effort to keep our Homeowners safe.  As we are all know Halloween is celebrated at the end of October and as customary, it will be celebrated in a big way at Sandyport. I wish to assure you that Security will be highly visible during the Halloween festivities.  However, there are a few safety tips I would like for you to keep in mind during this celebration:

  1. Please have your invited guest use the main gate. For Security purposes, no trick or treaters will be allowed access through the Service entrance.
  2. Please ask your guest to state the name of the residents who invited them. Security will not be allowing any uninvited trick or treaters on to the property.
  3. Please advise your guest that everyone is expected to be off the property by 10p.m.

Updated Procedures:

We are progressively improving our procedures with regards to visitors and workers.  The present procedures are as follows:

  1. The resident should call and inform Security that they are expecting guest or workers, (e.g. contractors).
  2. On the arrival of the guest, the resident is called by Security to confirm that the person at the gate is indeed the person the residents are expecting.
  3. If the visitor is a contractor they are directed to the service entrance where their name, company’s name, car’s license plate number is recorded by the Diarist.

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