Drive carefully

This announcement is part of our awareness campaign to help reduce speeding cars within our neighborhood. Please drive carefully for everyone’s sake. It would be a good idea to remind your visitors, kids and their friends as well.

Management has received several complaints about people speeding through the property, particularly along Sandyport Drive. While there’s not much that the Association can do about speeding, the continued lack of regard for keeping one’s speedometer under 15 can only lead to negative consequences.

First and foremost is the safety of the neighborhood children who may be playing in front yards or near the street. All it takes is a foul ball, a misdirected Frisbee, a wobbly new bike, or a first timer on a new skateboard and all of the sudden there’s a kid in the road. Will you have time to stop? Probably not so please keep it slow, and stay alert.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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The policy has always been only owners and tenants can keep their boats outside their houses. No friends or people payoing for dockage.

Ok the system to reach HOA on the SIMPLEST subjects is difficult to maneuver on this website. I live on Sandyport Drive, #38. I have friends who just relocated here from the US with a boat. They would like to put the boat behind my house. What is the procedure for this?

We would welcome any recommendations to changes on the website. Concerns or questions may be posted at the ‘Report a concern’ section at the top of the home page – this opens a job ticket and allows the progress of any queries to be tracked by the Association and the reporting party. There is also a search box on the right of the home page.

I live in #38 Sandyport Drive, I have friends who would like to put their boat behind my house. What is the procedure for this?

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