Maintenance assessments

Starting August 16th, 2010 we shall commence with the measuring of homes for the purposes of assessing the correct maintenance charges applicable for each home. We have instructed Licensed Architects, Douglas Minns, to proceed with the work at an agreed fee of $60 per home which will appear on the next maintenance bill. For security purposes the surveyors will be in possession of a Letter of Authorisation from the Association which they may present on request. Owners are encouraged to remain vigilant and contact security if they have any concerns.

The area used for determining the applicable maintenance charge is defined as follows:

  1. All enclosed building areas measured along the exterior perimeter walls.
  2. Enclosed garages (whether or not they are air conditioned).
  3. In the case of townhouses half of the area of the common walls.
  4. Covered porches, covered balconies, carports, gazebo’s and tool sheds are not included in the measurement. Fully enclosed porches and balconies are included (mesh screening does not qualify as enclosed for this purpose).
  5. Air conditioned third floor space (such as converted lofts).

There may be some instances that require interior access and we would appreciate your assistance in accommodating the surveyors in this regard. The process is expected to take approximately 3 months for the entire development, we will hand deliver written notices of the homes scheduled for survey each week during the preceding weekend. If there are any particular concerns or instructions regarding access at that time, please communicate them to our Head of Security in the first instance. If there are any other concerns, they may be directed to the General Manager.

Following each survey, our records will be updated and future maintenance charges will be based on the most recent assessment. There are no plans to retroactively adjust the maintenance fees.

12 thoughts on “Maintenance assessments”

  1. I know that many people have used this site to express concerns and criticisms which is natural but I wanted to take this opportunity to commend the gardeners for the work that they have done this week. They came on time, did what was necessary and I was very happy with the work that they did.

    Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

    Doreen (22 Governors Cay)

  2. Good Afternoon!

    I walked around and checked on the condition of all the swimming pools on Saturday. I found – in order coming from the main entrance;
    Clipper Island – dreadful state – green water – algae. Can’t see bottom.
    Sandyport Drive after Clipper Island next to tennis court; water OK, still black algae on the sides of the pool. Brown patches where paint eaten away where green algae has been removed.
    Governor’s Cay: Water very murkey. Brown patches where green algae has been removed.
    Pool next to Robert’s Island: Water cloudy. Brown patches where green algae has been removed.
    Phase V – Water OK pool OK.

    We do hope that the new maintenance company can get this under control quickly – it is a shame to have lost a large portion of the summer not being able to use the pools.

    Kingfisher Island – heavy raw seweage overspill on empty lot on right-hand side directly when you come over the bridge. The smell is overpowering. Not the first time it has happened.

    Many thanks for your attention.
    Sabine and Tim Robinson
    Tenants – no. 32 Governor’s Cay.

    1. There was a technical failure at the CI pool. That is presently being resolved.

      We are closely monitoring the performance of the new pool contractor. Some pools require resurfacing. As regards the problem at KF – the team has been notified.

      For direct and immediate attention please use the ‘Report a concern’ section of the website.

  3. I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the yard maintenance performed this week throughout Sandyport. It was definitely noticable.

    I am still very concerned, however, with the terrible blind spot when leaving Sand Dollar Island. The hedges along the road, and possibly the residents property line, bow outward, so I have to inch my car out into the road to see if there is any eastbound traffic. By the time I have a clear view, I am half way into the eastbound lane of traffic, and have experienced many unhappy reactions from drivers travelling east into Sandyport. The speed bump is too far away from Sand Dollar, so the drivers are not only coming around a curve, they are picking up speed. One child has already been involved in a bike truck accident at this corner, and it is just a matter of time before another accident occurs. I am appreciative of the attempts made to improve this corner, but they are not enough.
    Thanks for your urgent attention to this matter.

  4. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to recommend that SHA consider completely re-vamping the format and appearance of the monthly maintenance and water statements. At present the statements are at least confusing and verge on indecipherable. Perhaps there should be separate columns for water charges, maintenance charges and payments received.

    Roy Sweeting
    #31 Governor’s Cay.

    1. Previously the maintenance was issued on an invoice then water charges added to the account manually, appearing only on the statement. We now bill all charges on a bill as separate line items and effective September 1, statements will be distributed which show the balance outstanding on the account. This should be much clearer since charges appear on bills and outstanding bills appear on statements. If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the office. Many thanks for your suggestion.

  5. It’s now the end August and the pools are as dirty as i have ever seen them, rendering them unusable in the most busy season of the year(kids hols). When is the new company going to up the game and get them back to a useable state. There is no excuse for the poor upkeep.

    1. We have recently decided to outsource the pool maintenance. The new company has identified mechanical failures which we are in the process of resolving. However, on a spot inspection last Friday, the pools were in very good condition although the systems on 2 of them are subject to the aforementioned repairs. You should see an improvement and we will continue to monitor the contractor.

  6. I would like to have some information concerning the maintenance of the swimming pools. The water in the Governor’s Cay pool has been dirty and algae is now growing on the bottom, rendering it unsuable – this already for the past 2+ weeks. The pool at Phase 5 has been periodically closed and while the “closed for maintenance” notice has gone, the water in the pool is murky and algae is growing on the bottom. The pool next to the little playground on Sandyport Drive has been unusable (I did not check today if it is now OK again).

    Is Sandyport planning on putting life guards at all the pools? The new notices state that oen should not swim alone unless a life guard is on duty.

    A nice new fence has been erected near the Phase 5 pool, closing in a stretch of newly laid grass. What is the purpose of this fence?

    Many thanks for clarification.
    Sabine and Tim Robinson
    Tenants at 32 Governor’s Cay.

    1. 1. As of w/c August 9th (this week) we have transferred the pool maintenance to an external company. We are monitoring their performance closely.
      2. We are not planning to put lifeguards at the pools.
      3. The fence is there to define the recreation area that was an obligation of the developer that is presently being fulfilled.

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