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Shareholder certificates

Since ownership of the Association was transferred to the Property Owners, we have started the process of issuing the share certificates. Each property entitles the Owner to one share in the Association however in many cases we do not have all of the information required to enable us to issue the share certificate.

If you have received a share certificate, you may disregard this notice. If you have already provided information but do not yet have the share certificate in your possession, please contact the office as it may be awaiting collection. If you have not provided the information, please download the attached form and fax it to +1 (242) 327 8665 or email it to If you rent the home, please also complete the second page providing the tenant information.

Download form (requires Adobe Acrobat to view)

4 replies on “Shareholder certificates”

The gardeners have recently been spending their lunch time under the bridge. Since I walk under there every day I see they are leaving piles of their trash everywhere when they are done. Could a trash can be put under there for them or tell them they have to clean up after themselves. It is disgusting.

The area concerned is a public area and is prone to littering, particularly since the roadway is above. If you see any of the staff littering, please take their name and file a complaint on the record so that we can deal with the individual(s) concerned.

Gardening. I used to have my lawn mowed every 2 weeks. I have not seen a gardener in months. My hedge always gets trimmed at the front of the house but not the back. Ian, the gardner used to come occasionally to trim for me for $15:00. I have not seen him in months.
Does he still work for Sandyport?
I thought gardening was included.
Thanks for your answer.

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