Stray pets

We have set up various traps to help humanely capture stray pets (specifically dogs). We would like residents to take care and ensure that their pets are not able to roam freely as they may be caught in one of the traps and ultimately end up in the care of the Humane Society.

Resident pet owners may consider including an emergency telephone number on their pet tags, allowing security to quickly reunite a captured pet with its owner.

2 thoughts on “Stray pets”

  1. There is a stray/homeless/wild dog wandering the streets of Sandyport. Here on Clipper Island he/she is going through the garbage and leaves it scattered on the ground, also I’ve seen the garbage overturned in other areas. I had hoped that Security might have reported it, but it’s been happening for two or three weeks now. This situation encourages rodents to the scattered garbage. I hope someone can catch the dog and have it removed. Many thanks.

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